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5026 Dale Cavese - Central Coast A jibberish song sung by the Marinators (main support group)- kinda pointless, but kinda catchy! Плейлист
5553 Mariners (Clap Clap) Basic chant, sung by whole stadium! Best use in fifa11 as a crowd chant! Плейлист
7420 We're Central Coast We are the cenny coast Плейлист
8079 C.C.M.F.C SImple, yet great Плейлист
8743 Come on You Yellow! COYY! Плейлист
12713 Coasties Sung at every game of 2013-2014 season Плейлист
16341 When I Was Young Mariners sing at our rivals Newcastle
18264 You're Not Going to Asia Sung at Newcastle because we're going the to AFC Champions League and they aren't (sung in tune of We're not gonna take it)
18714 Your a Bogan A chant sung to our rivals Newcastle (in tune of You Are My Sunshine)
18961 We Got One Mariners sing after we score the first
  Premier League Betting
20436 Yellow Army A fan favourite song. Sung during games, but more so in the streets after a good win. Best used as Winning song for fifa11!
21372 Build a Bonfire Sung at our rivals Newcastle
21616 Everywhere We Go A Classic


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