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215 Collingwood FC Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Футбольная команда играет в AFL, Australia

14949 Empty Seats a song for Melbourne and others with poor support
15184 Take Me Home Pies classic
16001 Alan Didak Walks on Water Didak, love him
16065 Sinking sung to mainly Melbourne supporters. To the Yellow Submarine tune
16316 Hello! Hello! Derby classic
16564 Karmichael Hunt in the shop til 2011 when league superstar becomes AFL reject
17349 Neon Leon superstar
18644 Pemdles - He Plays on the Left Pendles
18691 Black and White Army when playing those tw*ts in yellow n black!
18941 Who's That Team? A great song
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19169 We All Follow the Magpies! explains itself
19905 F*#Kin Dynamite When we're smahing it home...
19990 We're Collingwood coz we are the greatest
20231 Scott Pendlebury the next captain
21035 You Wish You Had Paul Medhurst Paul Medhurst
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