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266 Gold Coast United Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Unfortunately Gold Coast United now defunct but chants kept for posterity

8439 Give Me a Uuuuuu!!! United! Плейлист
8872 Archie Thompson... Not as hated as Muscat, but up there Плейлист
14951 Oh When the Coast Go Marching In! Classic!
15189 Jason Culina Bouncy! Classic chant for JC!
15419 Joel Porter My Lord Classic chant for JP!
15659 We Love the Coast Through thick and thin
15660 We All Dream of a Team of Micheal Thwaites Long chant but he deserves it!
17603 Bas 'Dutchy' Van Der Brink Sung to the tune of ‘Baby give it up’
17834 Gold Coast United Sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda!! Classic AUS!
17965 Townsville Inbreds Reminding them of their families
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18081 Golden Boot Smeltzy Keeps on scoring!!!!
18311 Dino Was His Name-O One for our legend's at the back
19993 Jason Culina Chant Sung to the tune ‘can’t take my eyes off you’
20236 Miron's Army One for the first coach!
20485 Gold Coast To get everyone voices warmed up at the start!
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