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101 Melbourne FC Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Футбольная команда играет в AFL, Australia

6156 Grand Old Flag The MFC Club Song Плейлист
6867 No History And they know it to Плейлист
11138 Melbourne!!! The old AFL classic Плейлист
15076 Nick Maxwell Is Illegitamite Good description of the magpies captain
15597 Stand Up for Bate Stand up for Batey
15771 Sh*t Club, No History Works with any club name at the end if sung properly
16238 Field at Jolimont Classic tribute to the late legends
16331 Collingwood Slums Those were the days
16474 We're the Jolimont Crew Jolimont Crew Song
17043 Liam Jurrah, Jurrah! Sung to que sera sera. A chant for jumping liam jurrah
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17288 Melbourne Army! Let the opps know we're here
17529 Stick the Blues Flag Tell em where to stick it
17606 MFC Horto Magiko The MFC version of the Horto
17746 We're Going Up Let them know we're comin'
18011 Top of the League? Sung at teams at the start of the season.. it doesnt matter if you're first after 3 matches
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