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453 Northern Fury Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Unfortunately North Queensland Fury now defunct but chants kept for posterity

16188 We All Hate Gold Coast sung by Fury AND roar fans when a GC highlight was shown
16922 We Jump for NQ Fury sung by the F-troop while linked by arms on shoulders and jumping together
18602 F-Troop Boys Sung at home games to all visiting teams
18815 We;re F-Troop, We're Eastern sung for the crowd
18932 Hey Security Leave Our Flags Alone. Sung out to rythem of Pink Floyd towards security giving us a hard time about our flags being BIG
20599 The Sydney Family A great chant sung against Sydney FC to the Addams Family tune.
21241 Green and White Army Sung to the manager Ian Ferguson


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