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Red, White and Black football scarf

238 Western Sydney Wanderers Песни; Кричалки болельщиков

Футбольная команда играет в A-League, Australia

1064 Come on You Wanderers Chanting till we drop - to the tune of Popeye Плейлист
1148 Who Do We Sing For? Call and response chant feat RBB and whole stadium Плейлист
2108 Win or Lose Nice one Плейлист
2130 A Call to Arms Original Tune is Logical Song - words rearranged by ZappaRBB Плейлист
2139 These Colours Unite Us All Nice lyrics and a good tune. Also available in our free app Плейлист
2361 Win or Lose RBB Chant for "80th Minute Poznan" performed by whole stadium @ home or WSW/RBB supporters @ away games Chant created by ZappaRBB Плейлист
3971 Dale Cavese - Western Sydney Wanderers Western Sydney Wanderers supporters', the RBB (Red and Black Bloc) chanting their version of "Dale Cavese" Плейлист
4167 Let's Go Mental! Straight after a wanderers goal celebration - cool ringtone Плейлист
4946 Streets of Western Sydney To the tune of Bad Moon Rising, words rearranged by ZappaRBB *song for march and also the beginning of the game Плейлист
5589 Melbourne Boys Are Now Number 2 Melbourne Boys Diss Chant Плейлист
  Premier League Betting
6076 We Unite as One Words by ZappaRBB Плейлист
6496 This Is the Best Trip A song issuing a challenge to the opposing teams' active support to try and sing louder than the RBB. This is also our favourite chant against arch rivals Sydney FC Плейлист
6876 Matador (RBB) *inspired by Boca Jnrs Matador chant *words rearranged by ZappaRBB Плейлист
8367 There's a Chance You're My Son Dissing Melbourne Victory losers Плейлист
16767 Terrace of the Rbb To the tune of Sos Cagon
  Premier League Betting


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